Be Still

Deep breath in.  Deep breath out.  I have got to get myself still.  My heart was feeling hurried and rushed.  I needed to get some words on paper and it just wasn’t happening.  My commitment to “just write” once a week was becoming quite the ordeal.  An ordeal over the past couple of weeks that usually turned into nothing.  Nada.   A blank computer screen.  What was I thinking when I considered this off the wall idea as part of my goal-setting?   “Just write!”   Write about what?

Getting still was becoming hard to pin down. Quite frustrating actually.   Within 15 minutes, I had fretfully reviewed my writing goals on my phone app. The aroma of the food that I had simmering in the pot overtook my attention and I was off to have a taste.  I sat back down and then scurried off to floss my teeth.  Where is the focus here?

Have you ever felt where you just could not get yourself to find that point of focus?  What about that place where you could settle your thoughts and actually get a task done?

I finally sat and bowed my head in quiet surrendered prayer.  My heart soon settled and my thoughts became more clear.  I just waited with the assurance that He would soon reveal Himself.  In the moment, I began to realize my dependence on Him.  His voice, as I was busy striving with Him was to simply “get still”. 

We are commanded in Psalms 46:10 to “Be still, and know that I am God.”  We are instructed to stop striving with God.  Relax.  He will reveal Himself.  Simply be in His presence as we wait.

God has proven himself each time as I have sat down in front of a blank computer screen with hands poised and ready to type.   I have learned to just be with Him.  Not even for the singular purpose of “getting something on paper” but simply just to know Him in the moment.


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