Complete in Christ-Dwelling in Colossians

The world and its madness
Humanity always looking for the “next thing” to validate their purpose and life
You can see it in eyes of those close to you…
You can see it in the actions of humanity…
You can hear it in the voice of the person standing next to you…
There is no fulfillment found and people are left feeling incomplete
Looking for the “next thing” in all the wrong places
In philosophy
In “false” truth (what an oxymoran)
In deceit
There is hope!!!
Complete in Christ
If you are looking for the “next thing” or know someone that is looking for the “next thing”…
Join us for a week 5 study on Colossians.

Join in a weekly live video conference
Weekly video upload
Weekly study guide available
Reading plan

You can find all the material, videos and reading plan on A Gathering of Friends FB Bible study group.

I am looking forward to spending time with you.


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